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DZD Hardwood Inc.

Main Contact Information
Phone: (450) 431-1643

Address Information
450 Roland Godard
St. Jerome, Quebec, Canada
J7Y 4G8

Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday 8am-3pm

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Contact Our Sales Team

Sales, Export Domestic Vice President

Guy Dollinger
Sales, Export & Domestic
Vice President
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext 229
Mobile: 514-608-3704

Sales, Export President

Sefi Dollinger
Sales, Export  
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext 228
Mobile: 514-239-3640

Sales, Export Domestic

Geoffrey Lavallée
Sales, Export & Domestic
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext 226
Mobile: 514-830-7195

Sales, Quebec

Nicole Cai
China Sales representative
Office: 86-769-22283594
Mobile: 86-186-80608065
WeChat ID: feiyu-nicole

Sales, Quebec

Nicolas Prégent
Sales, Quebec
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext 224
Mobile: 514-917-9510


Office Team

Director General

Gaston Groulx
Director General
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext. 232
mobile: 514-710-3739

Credit Export Logistics

Cindy Gallant
Credit & Export Logistics
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext. 237


Lucia Botelho
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext. 231

Assistant to the Director General

Sylvie Piché
Assistant to the Director General
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext. 225

Kiln Drying Logistics
Mathieu Charette

Kiln Drying & Logistics
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext. 221

Human Resources
Michèle Beaudoin

Human Resources 
Office: 450-431-1585 Ext. 239

Administrative Assistant
Carla Kavalec

Administrative Assistant
Office: 450-431-1643

Sabrina Mongrain

Shipping & Invoicing
450-431-1585 Ext. 220

Highly Skilled and Dedicated Workforce

DZD hardwood is a family business, specializing in hardwood lumber handling drying and remanufacturing since 1983.

450 Roland Godard, St-Jérôme,
Québec Canada J7Y 4G8
T. 450-431-1643

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